Chelsea vs Barcelona: Messi fit score against di Blues dis time?

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Image example Frank Lampard and John Terry don leave Chelsea, but Messi never still score against di Blues

For some Chelsea fans, when dem hear di name Lionel Messi, dem go dey wonder why many people for di world dey hail di Argentina striker as baba.

For eight games wey im don play against dem before, im never score single goal.

Na dem be di only club wey im don play well-well against but never fit score.

E get when di tori be say im no fit score against former Chelsea goalkeeper Petr Cech. But wen Cech go Arsenal, Messi score against am.

For di last meeting between Chelsea and Barcelona for 2012, Messi miss important pernarity for di second leg of di semi-final for Nou Camp. Di Blues come win di cup for Munich.

Champions League last 16: Chelsea v Barcelona

Venue: Stamford Bridge Tuesday, 20 February by 8:45pm Nigeria time.

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Image example Wen Chelsea play against Barca, dem dey sabi defend well-well with many players

Messi also get poor record against current Chelsea goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois. Courtois don play six games wey im no chop goal for Messi hand during im final season with Atletico Madrid for 2013-14.

Dat season sef, Atletico beat Barca to win di cup for di last day of di season, come even nack dem comot for Champions League.

But if e get any season wey Messi fit score against Chelsea, e fit be dis one. Im dey shine now as im don already score 27 goals for all competitions dis season.

Messi na also top scorer for La Liga - im 20 goals don help dem dey for number one position with gap of seven-points - na im also get di most assist as im don create 11 goals - mostly for Luis Suarez.

Di only 'opponent' wey fit stop Messi; e be like say na bar - im shot don hit am 15 times. So maybe, Courtois fit call upon di help of dat extra 'defender'.

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