Serena Williams: I almost die when I wan born my pickin

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Image example Serena Williams na di most successful female of di Open era, after she don win 23 Grand Slam singles titles

Former world number one tennis champion Serena Williams say she almost die on top born wey she born her daughter Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr, for September.

Di 23-time Grand Slam winner wey be 36 years old, return back to dey play tennis early February wen she join her sister - Venus for di United States team during di Fed Cup.

Serena open up say to born pickin "cause plenty-plenty health complications."

For one article wey she write for CNN, she say:

"I dey lucky to survive; I born my daughter through emergency C-section after her heart rate don drop well-well during labour. Di operation dey smooth."

"But wetin follow just 24 hours after wey I born finish, na six days wey I no sabi wetin go happen next."

Serena Williams, wey be di most successful female player for di Open era, bin talk before say she no fit comot from bed for like six weeks after she born.

'I dey live in fear of dis situation'

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Image example Serena dey watch some of di Fed Cup action early dis month with her daughter Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr

Still on top di experience, Serena Williams continue to talk say:

"E start with pulmonary embolism; dis na condition wey be say blood clot go block one or more arteries inside di lungs."

"Because of my medical history with dis problem, I dey live for fear. So, when I dey lost my breath, I no dey wait at all before I go tell di nurses."

"First, my C-section wound tear open because of serious coughing wey I dey bear because of di embolism."

I return to surgery, where di doctors find one large haematoma - dat na swelling of clotted blood, inside my abdomen.

"Wen I finally manage go back house to my family, I get to spend di first six weeks of motherhood inside bed."

Serena Williams thank di medical team wey work hard to keep her alive: "dey really how to handle dis situation wey get plenty palava. If no be for dia professional care, I for no dey here today."

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