India v Nigeria 99-1: You remember dis match?

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'Dis na how India nack Nigeria 99-1'

E no matter when dem born you, or where dem born you for Nigeria, you go don hear about one ogbonge match between Nigeria, where di Indians beat Nigeria 99-1 abi na 100-0?

Dis match dey so popular sotay everybodi remember am, even if nobodi don watch am.

Whether you dey Nasarawa, Abuja or Ekiti, e fit bi your mama, cousin, uncle, neighbour or papa na im go nack you tori about di match.

Oluwashina Okeleji wey bi BBC tori person say: "depending on wetin your uncle tell you, na different scoreline sef."

Though na different version of dis match different people dey talk, all of dem gree say di Indians get chance to score all dis plenty goals because dem use juju, wey be black magic.

Image copyright VINCENT AMALVY
Image example Rashidi Yekini dey part of di Nigeria team wey go FIFA World Cup 1994

Some people tell BBC News Pidgin tori person Olubunmi Okunnu say: "when dem (di Indians) dey take dia shot dem go see lion," others say na rock and stone people dey see.

But na different names of players dem call as pipo wey score goal. Some say na Teslim 'Thunder' Balogun, some say na Samuel Okwaraji and odas, Rashidi Yekini.

Meanwhile, Indians dey talk anoda thing, when dem face microphone: "Na lie jor. Nigerians suppose know say dat kain thing no fit happen. How person go score 99 goals for one match?"

At di end of di day, history wey no too tey like dat, no fit lie. Di fact be say no match like dat happen between Nigeria and India, and even though di Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) ban India, no be because of juju but because India no gree wear football boot to play.

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