Arsene Wenger: Why some Arsenal fans dey compare am to Mugabe

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Image example Wenger don do 21 years for Arsenal

Wetin go make person fit compare football manager to controversial ruler wey dem pursue comot?

Arsenal fans for twitter don find new way to take ask Arsene Wenger 21-year rule as manager to end: dem go compare am to former Zimbabwe president Robert Mugabe.

No be today many don use play-play compare di two men - dem don dey do am since di beginning of dis season - but di thing come really blow after Brighton nack Arsenal 2-1 last weekend. And fire don dey on top Wenger head to make sure say disappointment no go come again when dem play AC Milan inside Europa League match on Thursday 8 March.

Thousands of pipo feel like say dem need to chook mouth for di mata.

After 37 years for power, Mugabe finally humble imsef comot as president of Zimbabwe for November last year.

Some fans no stop dia as dem don compare Wenger with other I-no-gree rulers:

For many years, Wenger reign as manager for Arsenal don cause plenty talk ontop social media - like di ones wey dey use di hashtags #WengerIn/#WengerOut.

Recently, Arsenal lose four games back to back; na di second time dis kain thing don happen under Wenger.

How di Wenger/Mugabe thing take start

E be like say na from 2016 some pipo don dey compare Arsenal manager and Zimbabwe ex-president as one YouTube video wey dem post for ArsenalFanTV show. ArsenalFanTV show na online channel wey Arsenal fans dey run but e no dey official from di club.

Inside di video, one Arsenal fan just begin hola as other supporters surprise as dem dey look am.

Last year, for far far away Zimbabwe, some pipo carry banner wey dem write "Wenger Out" for one rally against Mugabe rule.

For Kenya, dem play one #WengerOut meme inside concert.

With almost 22 years wey im don do as Arsenal manager, many pipo believe say Wenger na im dey successful pass for di club history.

But, like Mugabe, im time don reach?

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