Uefa don charge Besiktas after cat waka for field to make Bayern Munich match stop

Cat ontop field for Turkey Image copyright EPA
Image example Match don reach 59 minute for second half when di cat decide to waka inside field

Uefa don charge Turkey club Besiktas after one cat enter field during di Champions League match wey Bayern Munich win.

English referee Michael Oliver na im stop di game for second half for Vodafone Park until di cat comot from di field.

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Dem charge di club with "insufficient organisation", and "throwing objects and stairways wey block".

Di case go get hearing in front of Uefa disciplinary body on 31 May.

Bayern win 3-1 dat night and 8-1 on aggregate to qualify for quarter-finals. Later, fans of di German club vote di cat as dia man of di match for social media.

Image copyright Bayern Munich

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