Cameroon: Why Broos and Eto'o Fils di fight

Hugo Broos

Hugo Broos weh e bi be coach for Cameroon and Samuel Eto'o Fils, former Cameroon captain don start fight.

Eto'o Fils, African Player of the Year don answer Hugo Broos for weti weh e tok before Lions play friendly match with Kuwait.

Den when de Indomitable Lions win de friendly against Kuwait 3-1 Eto'o write message for e Instagram for congratulate e broda dem.

"Ah glad as wuna put we national colours high with head for up, make wuna continue for do weti weh winners di do, win, we dey for wuna back, congratulations Lions".

But de tok weh e show say e di answer Broos na when e add say, "Lucky say wuna no bi Ole Ole, thank wuna my small friends".

Dis answer so komot after weh Hugo Broos weh na sports director for Belgian club make comment when e former assistant, Alexandre Belinga weh na interim coach now bi komot list for players for friendly match against Kuwait.

Den e say without de big name dem for team, all man komot e last belle play and deh win Nations Cup. "Now weh deh big players dem don kam back, e go be na 'Ole Ole' again", Broos bi tok for Sport/Foot Magazine.

I fit tell wuna true-true say no bi coach decide for call de run-away players dem, deh fix list for yi. Samuel Eto'o don regain plenty influence and e small friends dem don kam for kam back for national team, Broos add.

For answer yi back, Eto'o make e own statement after yesterday when Cameroon play friendly match with Kuwait.

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