April Fool's Day: Samuel Eto'o no like magazine joke

Samuel Eto'o

Wia dis foto come from, @Eto'o

Wetin we call dis foto,

Eto'o dey sabi smile, but dis joke no sweet im belle

Former Cameroon captain Samuel Eto'o Fils dey vex with Jeune Afrique Magazine e April fool joke.

Jeune Afrique Magazine for de April fool, komot imaginary interview say Samuel Eto'o Fils di dream for become presidential candidate, how e see Anglophone crisis and George Weah laik model.

De Jeune Afrique April fool vex Eto'o and e write, "from de article weh wuna publish for wuna online edition, for April 1, ah wan make wuna know say ah de ask for my right for answer".

"Ah see say weti wuna write di spoil ma honour and e di circulate some bad fate".

For seka dis, Eto'o fils wan make Jeune Afrique publish de message weh e write for yi Facebook page.

Eto'o Fils warn say if de tori house no publish de message weh e write e go drag dem with France 24 weh e publish de message for court.

"Ah respect institutions dem for ma country and ah check say 2018 presidential elections for Cameroon and de office for president na important topic for joke with", e tok.

Im vex say de tori pipo write about Anglophone crisis weh e di cause plenty suffer and pain for kontri.

Pipo di shine eye for see how de bad April fool joke go end.