Na cricket dey feed me - Nigeria national player

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Na Cricket dey feed me - Nigeria Cricket player

For Nigeria, if you wan count di top sport wey pipo follow starting from football, e go tey small before you reach cricket.

But for some pipo, na passion and wetin dey put food for dia table. One of dem na Adeleke Oyede wey be Nigeria national cricket player.

Na im grandmama sponsor im love for cricket, dey give am money to go train, dey ginger am to continue even wen pipo around am say e dey waste im time.

Today, Oyede na one of di top players for di kontri. Im don play for international games and as di "all rounder" batsman/bowler tell BBC News Pidgin, "na cricket dey feed me... and send me go school".

Wetin we call dis foto,

Adeleke Oyede and di Nigeria national cricket team dey prepare to host West African countries for di ICC T20 qualifiers

Cricket na sport wey begin for south-east England around di late 16th century and dem call am di 'gentleman's game'. E grow so tay, e become national sport for di country.

Even though di British pipo introduce Nigeria to di game during di time wen dem dey colonise African countries, di game no gree popular for Nigeria.

One of di reasons according to Ute Ogbini wey be di national cricket coach of Nigeria, na money wey no dey di sport like football. Anoda reason im give na say dem no dey teach cricket for primary school.

Di story of Oyede, as pikin for Lagos wey first begin play football only to jam cricket by mistake 18 years ago, na one wey suppose make parents think again about support for wetin dia pikin say dem wan do.

Pipo fit see Oyede and and oda top Nigerian cricket players for action inside di ICC T20 West Africa Qualifiers wey dem go play for Lagos from 12 to 22 April, 2018.

Wetin we call dis foto,

Oyede don play plenty international matches for Nigeria and e dey based abroad