Davide Iovinella no wan play football again, na blue film im wan act

Davide Montana

Wia dis foto come from, @DavideMontana

Wetin we call dis foto,

Davide Iovinella

One 24 years old Italian footballer don stop to play football because him wan follow im dream wey be, to dey act blue film.

Davide Iovinella bin don dey find as im go make more money, even as im dey play for Serie D with ASD Calcio Pomigliano.

Unto dis extra money mata, Iovinella choose to go apply to act for inside blue film. Afta dem choose am, him join di 3000 pipo wey go follow director Rocco Siffredi work for di film.

Iovinella enta plane go Budapest for Hungary to check Siffredi im school where im collect Davide Montana as im new name for di film.

Ontop dis im new work, im talk say "e no be like wen you dey bed wit person wey you like, so you go need work hard and dey kampe."

As im don dey stay wella for Budapest, im don talk say, im plan na to find one local club for dia. Im add say "di best thing go be to find one club for Hungary".