Russia 2018 World Cup: Dis man wan ride bicycle from Egypt enta Russia

Mohamed "Ibn Nufal" Nufal on top im bicycle as e dey start im journey

Wia dis foto come from, MOHAMED HOSSAM

Wetin we call dis foto,

Mohamed Nufal say na di road dey sweet am pass for dis trip

How far you go fit go to show your support for your ogbonge team?

For 24-year-old Mohamed Nufal, na to ride im bicycle from Egypt enta Russia to support di Pharaohs for World Cup.

E go dey for road for 65 days to enta Moscow to celebrate Egypt first time for inside World Cup since 1990.

Nufal dey plan enta Jordan, Bulgaria, Moldova and Ukraine for im waka to Russia.

But e go fly pass Syria and Iraq to dodge katakata wey dey appen for dose areas.

For interview with Reuters, im talk say dis one pass di World Cup for am, say na opportunity for am to see new tins.

Wetin im carry for im waka, na spare parts, extra phone, batteries, and tins for am to camp.

But apart from tent, e go do hostels for some stops but e go like am if strangers go fit give am bed to sleep as e dey travel.

E bin start im waka as plenti cyclist and im friends dem escort am say make e travel beta.

Egypt dey di same group with Russia, Saudi Arabia and Uruguay.