Barcelona dey shake wen Lionel Messi score goal - Scientists

Lionel Messi dey celebrate goal Image copyright Alex Caparros
Image example Lionel Messi dey make di earth shake

Wen Lionel Messi score one of dose im ogbonge goals, di city of Barcelona dey shake. As in ground dey move wey be say you go fit feel am.

Scientist bin put seismometer, wey be instrument wey dey measure how ground dey take move, near di Camp Nou stadium and e dey pick up sounds wen crowd dey celebrate goal.

Di experiment carry weight wella for di "miracle comeback" for last season Champions League game between Barcelona and Paris Saint-Germain.

Image copyright ICTJA-CSIC
Image example Dis na di stadium aftr di sixth goal from dat match

Di way wey di crowd celebrate when Barcelona win di aggregate 6-5 even afta PSG bin nack dem 4-0 for di first round dey very massive.

Di scientists wey start dis project, Jordi Díaz and im colleagues bin first start am for tori pipo dem to put dem eye so dat pipo go get interest for earth science.

But as dem dey receive data, dem dey interested to find out how e dey affect buildings around di area of di stadium as well as, transport for di area.

Dem say di most interesting part of di experiment na how di ground dey move wen na concert and wen na match.

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