Champions League: Ukraine pipo dey give fans free house

Pipo for Kiev, Ukraine wey dey for di Champions League Image copyright Getty Images

Pipo wey dey live for Ukraine capital, Kiev, don dey arrange to give free housing to football fans wey go visit for di Champions League final wey go happen for di end of May.

Plenti Facebook groups don comot wey dey give free rooms and chairs to fans wey dey enta di kontri afta hotels raise price like mad.

Liverpool go play Real Madrid for di Champions League final for Kiev on Saturday 26 May.

After pipo start to post how dem increase hotel price for social media, na im residents decide say dem go take am personal, open dia house to fans.

Victor Kylymar na di pesin wey open di biggest group for Facebook wey im call 'Kiev FREE couch for football fans 26/05/18' after im start to dey see wetin dey happen.

Im tell BBC say na shock and shame hit am as im see how hotels take increase price.

E come reason how dem fit help solve dis kain wahala, na so e start di group wey don get pass 5,00 members now.

Im say e dey very proud di way im fellow kontri pipo take open dia door and im hope say e go improve how foreigners dey look Ukraine.

Mr Kylymar say "pipo just dey open house give strangers, even follow cook local food give dem. Football suppose join pipo togeda and na wetin dis group dey about to."

Plenti fans don already dey post "Thank you" message for di group afta dem find place to stay, even as di tin shock dem.

Image copyright Facebook/Ian Flynn

As plenti pipo dey vex say hotels increase price anyhow, business analyst Viktor Andrusiv say make pipo no vex, because na so free market dey be and di hotels get right to use di competition make extra money.

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