Nigeria still dey number 47 for FIFA ranking

Super Eagles players contesting for di ball inside pitch. Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Nigeria bin dey di last world cup for Brazil wia dem lose to France for second round

Upon say Nigeria qualify for di 2018 world cup, di kontri still dey number 47 as dem been dey for last month for FIFA ranking.

For Africa, Nigeria dey number 6. Even DR Congo wey no qualify for di world cup still dey ahead of Nigeria for di new ranking.

All di kontri wey dey di same group with Nigeria for di world cup no change position for di latest ranking. Argentina still dey 5th, Croatia dey 18th while Iceland still dey 22nd.

Na only seven African kontris appear for di first 50 wey dey play football well well for di world. Tunisia be di highest team for Africa for 14th position, Senegal dey 28th, DR Congo 38th, Morocco 42, Egypt 46 while Cameroun dey 50th.

World cup defending champions Germany still dey first ahead of Brazil. Belgium jump from 5th position come dey for 3rd position. Portugal, Argentina and Switzerland dey 4th, 5th and 6th.

Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Nigeria and four oda African kontris qualify for di world cup

Di next FIFA ranking go come out for June 7 and world cup go start for Russia on June 14.

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