Super Eagles jersey for 41k? Nigerians dey tink am

Di fans of Nigeria team dey hail di kontri for di international friendly against Congo Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Nike neva release di official jersey for Nigeria but fans still sama wetin look like am for Nigeria game against Congo

Since February wen Nike release new design for Super Eagles World Cup kit, Nigerians and oda pipo around di world don dey para on top di mata.

While "original" Nigerian made versions don full markets, some fans don dey chill to get di original version wey Nike say dem go release on 29 May.

But to find original jersey na one tin, to fit buy am na anoda. Tok don start to dey waka on top social media say di new jersey go cost reach 41,000 naira as e dey enta market.

Some pipo tink say if dem buy di jersey dem suppose play for World Cup with Super Eagles.

While odas dey tink say na time to buy di naira.

One want contract say if Nigeria no win World Cup dem go give am im money.

While odas dey compare di price with minimum wage.

All in all sha, Nigerians (and some Ghanaians sef), dey wish di Super Eagles beta for di World Cup.

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Nike never release Super Eagles Jersey, but e dey sell wella

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