Mo Salah: 400,000 pipo don sign petition make dem punish Sergio Ramos for di striker injury

Mo Salah Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Dem dey accuse Ramos (L) say im know wetin im do as im bring di Liverpool player down

More dan 400,000 people don sign petition say make FIFA punish Sergio Ramos say im "intentionally hurt" Mo Salah.

Liverpool striker Salah cari injury comot for di first half of di Champions League final afta Ramos bring am down.

Di organisers of petition dey claim say di defender "know wetin im dey do wen im cari di striker hand put under im armpit, wey make am dislocate im shoulder".

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Image example Salah tweet afta di match say im dey confident say im go go World Cup

Thousands of pipo don sign di petition to support di claim, as dem want make UEFA and FIFA punish Ramos.

Dis one na afta one lawyer for Egypt Bassem Wahba don file €1bn (£873m) lawsuit against Ramos, say di injury fit make Salah no represent im kontri for di 2018 World Cup.

Wahba say im don file di complaint give FIFA wia im dey claim say Ramos don cause "physical and psychological harm" to Salah.

Di 25 year old been tweet on Sunday say im dey confident say im go play for World Cup.

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