World Cup 2018: Director, Politician & Dentist wey make history wit Iceland

Iceland fans gada for Reykjavic to celebrate as dem hold Argentina Image copyright HALLDOR KOLBEINS
Image example Iceland get population of just 335,000 - so some pipo dey do two different work...

Iceland na di smallest kontri, for population, wey don eva reach World Cup finals. And still dem hold mighty Argentina - Lionel Messi and all im team 1-1 for dia opening game, as dia goal keeper stop Messi penalty.

But e neva too tey wey Iceland begin try to improve football for di kontri - dis one mean say, for kontri of only 334,252 people, some of dia top football talent get different history. Talent like...

Di director: Hannes Halldorsson

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Image example "And... action!"

After di way wey him take catch de penalty wey Messi play, Hannes now na new national hero.

But him no dey only direct ball comot from goal. Him dey also direct actors.

One of di work wey him don do na video for Iceland wen dem take enter for di 2012 Euros. Di Eurovision Song Competition.

Him old company, Sagafilm - wey dey for Norway - don promise say him fit return to im work once im football career don finish.

Di politician: Rurik Gislason

Image copyright Matthias Hangst
Image example Rurik sometimes dey play as right-winger

Egyptian striker Mo Salah bin surprise wen im just see say im na runner-up for one recent Egyptian presidential election, afta pipo write him name for over one million ballot papers.

But di idea to put di name of footballer, or any oda celebrity, inside vote get small history - di idea even get name wey dem dey call am for Dutch, lijstduwer - and based on dat, afta successful Euro 2016 midfielder Rurik appear as candidate for di centre-right Independence Party for two elections, "standing" for Reykjavik South.

Rurik own different from Salah situation sha - im own happen wit im knowledge, dem put im name for di list to take encourage voters to support di party.

Even though dem bin no really get plan for am to take di office.

Di dentist: Heimir Hallgrimsson

Image copyright Matthias Hangst

Carpenter-wey turn to actor Harrison Ford. Investment banker- wey turn to -Amazon oga Jeff Bezos. Ice skater-wey turn to-boxer Tonya Harding.

Midlife career change no be easy thin to do, but e fit turn to beta tin. As dentist- wey turn to-national-team-manager Heimir Hallgrimsson dey show.

For years as person wey dey treat teeth, Iceland coach move enta football management in di 1990s as manager of di kontri women team - dat time im still dey do im dentist work join.

Ater some time di men team follow join, as him become dia assistant manger for 2011, joint-manager for 2013, and den only him come dey incharge after Lars Lagerback comot after Euro 2016.

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