World Cup 2018: Dat pig, Turkey ref, VAR and shaku-shaku. Nigerians dey dash blame afta dem comot World Cup

Mikel Obi for post-match conference Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Mikel Obi wan almost cry wen dem interview am afta im team lose 2-1 to Argentina

Nigeria 2 -1 loss to Argentina inside final Group D match don dey vex many pipo for di West African kontri, so tey dem don begin find who dem go blame for am.

Afta 13 days inside di biggest football competition for di world, Argentina remind Nigeria on Tuesday, who dia oga for football be.

Now, dat day wey some Nigerians dey fear since di 2018 World Cup begin, don finally come - di day wey Super Eagles go say bye bye to receptionist of di hotel wey dem keep dem put for Russia.

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Image example Nigerians dey hope say for di first time for World Cup, dia team go beat Argentina

Immediately di match end, sabi pipo and over-sabi pipo carry enta social media tok dia mind for who must carry di blame for dis embarrassment of di 'giants of African football'.

German coach Gernot Rorh? Di referee from Turkey? VAR? President Buhari? Di players? Or dia shaku-shaku dance? E just be like say evribodi wan blame sombodi but demsef.

But oda believe say even though Super Eagles don comot, dem try dia best and play well.

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