World Cup 2018: FIFA Fair Play dey fair to Senegal?

Young man wear cloth of Fifa Fair Play Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Fifa no dey take dia Fair Play mata joke as dem expect all players, even youth, to obey

For di first time for di history of World Cup, Fifa use dia Fair Play rule to take decide team wey go enta round of 16 - and na Senegal, Africa last hope for di competition, di rule do strong tin as e comot dem to favour Japan.

Afta di last Group H matches wey start for di same time, table show say evritin wey Senegal get (total point, goals, etc), Japan also get, so na which team go come join Columbia to enta round of 16? Fifa get di answer.

Dem call am Fair Play.

Dis na wia di football joinbodi, dey hope say players no go play di kain football wey go dey injure oda players and behave well well, and to reward dat team or player. One of dat kain reward na to favour teams wey no too collect yellow cards for match.

And as na six yellow cards Senegal don collect, Fifa use dat one carry Japan, wey get only four, pass dem for table.

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Image example Fifa hope say Fair Play go make players do good to one anoda during match

Meanwhile, Senegal coach Aliou Cisse tok say im believe im team no play di kain football wey go make dem qualify and say dia downfall for di competition no be because of Fair Play.

But former Ireland World Cup star Andy Townsend, wey dey do work with one Africa sports television channel say, "Im for like make Fifa use something wey positive like shots on goal (instead of yellow cards) to take judge who go qualify".

Before Fifa begin use Fair Play, how dem for don decide who go bi number two for Group H, na to use lotto method, and make teams hope say dia luck go shine.

Still, Senegal go look dia performance for dis world and remember say dem get some record wey dem fit take carry shoulder: First African team to win dia match; only African team to use African coach, first team wey dia coach go popular ontop social media and, first team for history wey Fair Play go block dia World Cup progress.

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Image example Francis Kone collect 2017 Fair Play Award from FIFA for im help to save anoda player life during match

Cisse say im no vex for di yellow cards Senegal collect because to am, na di way dem ginger well for matches make dem collect all di yellow cards.

"E dey difficult to play for World Cup if no you ginger well well," tok di coach wey im foto don popular for social media because of di way im celebrate dia win against Poland.

2018 World Cup Yellow Cards - Japan vs Senegal


  1. Salif Sane vs Poland
  2. Idrissa Gueye vs Poland
  3. M'Baye Niang vs Japan
  4. Youssouf Sabaly vs Japan
  5. Cheikh N'Doye vs Japan
  6. M'Baye Niang vs Colombia


  1. Goalkeeper Eiji Kawashima vs Colombia
  2. Takashi Inui vs Senegal
  3. Makoto Hasebe vs Senegal
  4. Tomoaki Makino vs Poland

Senegal waka from di competition don make am to di first time since di 1982 World Cup for Spain, wey no single African team qualify pass di first round.

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