World Cup 2018: Dem don kill octopus wey bin predict Japan results


Dis life eh, one octopus, wey correctly predict all Japan result for World Cup don enta pot wia e turn to sashimi. Dem don kill am.

Dem bin hail di octopus wey di name na Rabio, say e dey see wein go happun, as dem use am do experiment inside pool.

But Kimio Abe, wey be di fisherman wey catch Rabio, decide say im go make more money to sell am as food, dan as di octopus dey see tomorrow.

Tori for Japan be say Kimio decide say im belle beta pass internet fame.

See Rabio for action. E dey for Japanese but you get di idea.

Rabio - wey be giant Pacific octopus - predict Japan win against Colombia and dia draw with Senegal.

But im spirit go live on, as di fisherman plan to use anoda octopus to predict di results of future games.

Rabio no be di first animal to predict international football competitions. One pig Marcos, bin also predict say Nigeria Super Eagles go reach World Cup semi-finals.

For 2010, one German octopus wey di name na Paul, correctly predict six World Cup games.

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