Zamfara killings don chop 371 lifes - Amnesty International

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Human Right bodi Amnesty International say Nigeria goment no dey act

Killi killi for Zamfara state north west Nigeria don chop 371 pipo head since January and e don sack plenti pipo from dia village. Bad pipo wey carri gun dey do killi-killi and kidnapping evriday for dia.

Dis na according to report wey Amnesty International release on Tuesday.

Tori be say fight fight wey start between herdsmen and farmers since 2012 don make pipo wey dey live dia to dey sleep wit one eye open.

Amnesty International dey accuse Nigeria authorities say dem no act and dat one don make pipo dia to dey leave wit fear evriday.

"Wen we reach dia, villagers tell us say dem dey plead wit goment to help dem anytime wey di bad pipo send dem warning letter about attack, but goment no dey give dem protection. Nigeria goment dey always claim say dem dey tackle di mata but di number of pipo wey dem don kill dey tell different tori".

"Villagers tell us how dem dey receive warning before attack for dia phone wey dey order dem to pay plenti money or dem go kill dem or abduct dem".

One villager wey from Gidan Goga say "before Ramadan, di bad pipo call wit di number wey dem use call me two weeks ago and say if we no pay dem 500,000 naira (USD 1400) dem go come kidnap me or di village head. As e be now, we dey live wit fear",

Wia dis foto come from, Getty Images

Wetin we call dis foto,

Amnesty International say di villages wey dem enta dey leave for fear of bad pipo

For some villages, dem say dem no dey fit go far inside bush, dem no fit go farm. Di only time dem dey see security pipo for dia na only wen dem dey escort farmers go state govnor farm for dia.

One senior police officer for dia tell Amnesty international say dem no get logistics and manpower to deal wit crisis for di state.

One Woman, Mallama Hajara Samaila wey dey for Zurmi, Zamfara State, North West Nigeria tell BBC Pidgin how bad pipo wey dey attack dia village from time to time don kill 8 of her family members in 6 months.

50 year old Samaila wey dey stay for Mashema village yarn say dem no gree pay tax to di bandits na im make dem dey disturb dia village.

"Dem come through one village wey dem dey call Dan Gulbi and dat area dem use comot after di attacks. I lose 8 family members for wetin happen."

Samaila say di bad pipo come di village before raining season start to tell di men say if dem no pay tax to dem, dem no go allow dem farm.

She say make goment help dem finish those pipo once and for all or else dem go continue to suffer.

Anoda pesin wey dey stay di area Mallam Ibrahim Dan Mallam also tell BBC Pidgin say di bandits kill im son and two brothers for di latest attack wey happen last weekend.

Dan Mallam say to show how confident di pipo dey, dem start di attack around 4pm and continue till after 8pm, killing both young and old pipo.

E tok say if goment no do something di whole pipo wey dey Zamfara villages fit finish in two years.

"Abeg make goment help us, dis pipo pass our power, na only goment fit help us solve dis problem."