Why Serena Williams no wan do birthday party for her pikin

Seren Williams pikin go turn 1 year old on Saturday September 1 Image copyright Instagram/Serena Williams
Image example Seren Williams pikin go turn 1 year old on Saturday September 1

Serena Williams daughter, Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr, go turn 1 year old on Saturday, September 1 but im mama don tok say she no go celebrate her pikin birthday.

During one press conference, tori pipo ask Serena about weda di US Open go affect di celebrations for her baby girl birthday and she reply dem say: "Olympia no go celebrate birthdays. We be Jehovah Witnesses, so we no dey do am."

Last year, di 23-time Grand Slam champion tell Vogue about how her religion dey important to her and how Alexis don learn to be part of am.

"To be Jehovah's Witness dey important to me, but I neva really practise am and na sometin wey I really want to to dey do."

Tori say her husband Alexis Ohanian, wey be co-founder of Reddit, also don join her dey practice di believe upon say e no grow up for religious household.

For 2002 Serena first reveal her religious beliefs wen she tell Asap Sport say she be Jehovah's Witness.

"I tink if you no believe say God dey, e go dey tough to live life because all di tins we need to live dey come from God.

"As Jehovah Witness, we get believe for God and di Bible. And witout Him I no go dey here right now. I really tank Am for everytin."

Five oda tins wey Jehovah Witness no dey celebrate

Based on belief of Jehovah Witness, dem no dey celebrate some of dis tins because e no dey swit God.

Image copyright JW.org
Image example Awake na one of Jehovah Witness magazines

Some of di tins wey dem no dey follow pipo to jolli na:

  • No birthday because dem believe say di celebration dey displease God and e get pagan root
  • Dem no dey celebrate Easter because e no dey base on di bible
  • aNaming ceremony for pikin wey dem born no follow for dia practice because na custom/ceremony wey displease God
  • Jehovah Witness no dey join do Christmas because e no get anywhere for di bible wey say dem born Jesus December 25 and Jesus command make im followers remember im death and not birth
  • Dem no dey pay tithe because di law na for di ancient nation of Israel and e no concern nowadays Christians.

[Source: JW.org]

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