Benin footballers don land for prison because of age cheating

  • By Mohamed Fajah Barrie
  • BBC Sport, Sierra Leone
Anjorin Moucharafou

Wia dis foto come from, Getty Images

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Anjorin Moucharafou na former president of Benin Football Federation

Ten Benin Republic youth players and former football federation president Anjorin Moucharafou don get prison sentences because dem lie for dia age.

One Cotonou court say dem dey guilty of lying about dia age, wey make dem fail MRI tests for Niger.

Di tests wey dem fail make dem disqualify Benin from last month regional qualifying tournament for Niger for di 2019 Under-17 Africa Cup of Nations.

Dem give di players six-month prison sentences but five months dey suspended.

Since di players don dey prison since dem return from Niamey for September, dem no go spend any more time for prison.

Moucharafou, wey be president of di Benin Football Federation (FBF) until August, also dey guity because na im dey in charge wen dem fail di MRI tests.

Dem give am 12-month prison sentence, including ten months wey dey suspended, im bin don also spend time for prison afta dem bin arrest am earlier.

Di national under-17 team coach Lafiou Yessoufof and two oda officials bin also get prison sentence for dia role for di age cheating.