Time 100: Mo Salah say im culture gatz change di way dem dey treat women

Mo Salah

Wia dis foto come from, Time Magazine

Egypt and Liverpool player, Mohamed Salah say men for im kontri and across di Muslim world gatz treat women wit more respect.

For interview with TIME magazine, di Liverpool striker tok for di first time about di importance of women equality.

"I think we need to change di way we treat women for our culture," Salah tok. "E no dey optional."

Im say as im see how dem dey treat women for "im culture and di Middle East" e don change how im dey think about gender relations.

"I support di woman more than as I dey do before, because I feel like she deserve more than wetin she dey get now, at dis moment."

Salah name follow for di 2019 TIME 100 list of pipo wey get mouth pass for di world, and im face go appear for six cover page of di magazine.

Ghanaian entrepreneur Fred Swaniker, Ethiopia Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, South Africa President Cyril Ramaphosa and South African athlete Caster Semenya also dey di Time list.