France 2019 Women World Cup: Cameroon di lock horn wit Canada for first ever game

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Canada and Cameroon di play dia first game for 2019 FIFA Women's World Cup and first meeting for international competition as FIFA Women's World Cup enta number three day.

Even though Cameroon get e world cup baptism for 2015 for Canada, de two countries no meet as Cameroon crash out for knock-out stage and Canada reach quarter finals.

But Canada don beat Cameroon for U-17 Women's World Cup for 2016 for Jordan 3-2 and four of de players dey now for de squad weh e di play Cameroon today. Cameroon get na only one player from 2016 U-17 World Cup.

For FIFA ranking Canada na number five football nation while Cameroon dey right for number 46, second African giant afta Nigeria.

One of Cameroon e first taimer for World Cup, Michaela Abam weh deh born e for Texas get e two teammates for Canada team from her former club, West Virginia University.

Cameroon na de number four team weh e get old players afta America and Brazil, but Canada na number four for teams dem with young player.

Canada go count for e star Christine Sinclair, captain weh e get 259 selection and 184 goals for national team. Sinclair bin helep de team prepare for dis tournament and deh no lose any game.

For dia preps, Canada play four friendly games, win Norway 1-0, England 1-0, Nigeria 2-1, Mexico 3-0 draw 0-0 wit Spain.

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Cameroon loss dia friendly for Spain 0-4 afta deh play tournament for China and den play some small-small clubs for Spain, win two loss one game.

Cameroon go count on some three kombi dem weh deh fit helep de team for win de match, Aboudi Onguene weh e di run laik spirit, Nchout Njoya Ajara weh e don score big dis season, 19 goals for 22 match and Feudjio Raissa de pillar for midfield weh di make sure say ball cross from defence go for attackers.

One player weh e decide for play for Cameroon for seka dia 2015 performance na Estelle Johnson weh deh born e for Cameroon but e papa and mami komot from Mali and US.

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