Why man and woman no fit play football togeda?

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Image example Marta play for men friendly match for 2014 wit Zinedine Zidane and Ronaldo

Stephanie Labbe na very popular name for football sake of her talent as goalkeeper.

Canada 1-0 win over Cameroon for dia 2019 Fifa World Cup match on Monday mark her 30th clean sheet inside 62 matches for her kontri - e mean say dem neva score her for almost half of di games she don play for her kontri.

But Labbe attempt to join di men team of Calgary Foothills, one semi-professional Canadian football club wey dey play for USL League Two - di United States fourth division make headlines.

She actually make di squad and even play for one pre-season friendly, keep clean sheet sef before di league authorities ban her from participation onto say USL na "gender-specific league".

Upon say some national football govning body dem don raise di age cut-off for mixed teams for youth level, but for professional game dat mata na no go area.

Now at 32, Labbe don become di latest challenger to gender separation for di top level of di game.

Even though say some national football govning body dem don raise di age cut-off for mixed teams for youth level, but for professional game dat mata na no go area.

Di segregation principle

For 2004, football join body Fifa rule say "dem must separate between men and women football". Na di response wey follow di signing of Mexico Maribel Dominguez by Celaya, one second division team for di kontri football league.

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Fifa cancel one decision wey Mexican Football Federation give wey favour Dominguez. And dem stress am again say gender-separation na principle for football.

Di argument wey dey ground na say man and woman no get di same power.

Olympics changes

E get some sports wey get performances gaps: for 2010 sabi pipo publish for Sports Science Medicine journal wey analyse man and woman performance. Dem find out say man performance dey 40% higher pass women. Dem also say mixed competition no dey too happun for most of di biggest sports for di world.

And tori be say mixed competition no dey happun for most of di "popular sports" for di world.

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Image example Tennis na one of di few sports wia man and woman dey compete against each oda

In fact for summer Olympic Games dem dey only compete head-to-head for equestrian and sailing. Dem also get mixed gender events for tennis and badminton - for 2017, di International Olympic Committee announce say for Tokyo 2020 Games dem go get mixed-gender relay events for athletics, swimming and triathlon.

But football no be sport wey get big performance differences between man and woman. Dat na according to science.

Paul Bradley, wey be sports scientist for Liverpool John Moore University, wey don do plenty study ontop women footballers including one 2013 paper wey compare match stats between male and female wey take part for dia respective version of Uefa Champions League. Bradley and im team find difference for di high- intensity effort phases especially for di average distance dem cover while dem dey run.

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Image example Some kotris don increase di age limit to wia girls and boys dey play togeda for youth level

But di study also find out say women perform pass men. And di sabi pipo believe say women game still dey catch up.

"Wit di big change for di women league in di last couple of years we dey expect some changes dem for di physical standard," na wetin Bradley tell BBC.

"Especially di way wey sports science don advance, for strength, nutrition and coaching."

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Image example Women footballers dey easily get injuries

Last month Stephanie Labbe tok about her experience wit Calgary Foothills, she say she feel like most of di men get advantage pass her because of size.

"As goalkeeper I feel say e good because you dey face fast shots, hard shots and di game dey really fast ,"na wetin she tell tori pipo France Presse.

Even at dat she feel say she for dey part of di team if di league authorities no chook mouth. "E dey difficult make pesin tell you say no fit play sake for something wey dey out of your control," na wetin she add put.

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Image example Dem no allow Canada goalkeeper Stephanie Labbe play for American men lower leagues

"No be something wey I fit go house go work on am or change. My gender na my gender."

Federico Luzzi, na lecturer of Philosophy for University of Aberdeen (Scotland) she say Fifa gender segregation na "football unnoticed scandal".

"Even if na true say no professional woman footballer no good reach any professional man, no be wetin di football joinbody suppose sign based on wetin dey claim say na one player insufficient quality," na wetin she write.

Pipo wey dey defend gender segregation dey argue say e dey "safer" for women, based on reports wey show say women footballers dey sabi get injury well-well pass men and dem fit suffer some kain injury wey footballers dey get like ankle sprains and knee ligament damage because of dia body.

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