AFCON 2019: Meet di 'animals' wey dey compete for Africa Cup of Nations for Egypt

African football teams and dia link with animals

Na mainly animals, stars and warriors go battle for di land of di Pharaohs from Friday wen di 32nd African Cup of Nations football competition begin.

Tori be say many of di 24 national football teams wey dey compete to win di 2019 African Cup of Nations get nicknames wey dem name afta animals.

At di moment, even though many Lions dey for Africa like di Atlas Lion and Teranga Lion, na di Indomitable Lion be di main king of di jungle.

Nicknames no dey only add fun to di game of football but na part of di essence of African football alongside colourful fans and dia drums.

Team nicknames mean a lot to African kontris as not only say e dey give identity to fans, e dey also motivate players.

Meet di 'Animals'

Animals feature heavily for di nicknames of teams wey qualify for dis year AFCON tournament especially di eagle.

Nigeria dey famous for dia green jerseys but na dia name - di Super Eagles wey even dey more popular. Di name come from di Eagle for Nigeria coat of arms and before now dem been dey answer Green Eagles.

Mali dey simply known as The Eagles while Tunisia go by di name, Carthage Eagles because di eagle na one of di most prominent symbol of di Carthaginian civilisation.

Cranes of Uganda na anoda kontri for di 2019 AFCON wey use bird as dia nickname.

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Battle of animals inside di jungle

Unlike Europe wia most of di kontris nickname dey based on dia jersey colours, for Africa, na animals for jungle dey reign.

From Lion to snakes, Leopards to Elephants all of dem dey for dis AFCON 2019 tournament.

  • Cameroon - dem be di Indomitable Lions: name wey don really work for dem based on dia strength and reputation as five time winners of di competition and dem be di defending champion.
  • Morocco - Atlas Lions
  • Ivory Coast - The Elephants: dis na di national emblem of Cote D'Ivoire sake of dia role in di trade of ivory during di 19th century.
  • Senegal - Teranga Lions
  • Benin - Squirrels: di smallest animal for dis list.
  • Angola - Palancas Negras alson known as Giant Antelopes
  • DR Congo - Leopards: known to be di national animal of di kontri, e also dey for dia coat of arms.
  • Algeria - na di Fennec Foxes be dia nickname.
  • Guinea - Bissau - na di The Djurtus be dia nickname.
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Africa respect Kings, Warriors and Stars

Africans naturally like strong men and dia rulers dat na why some of di teams dey named after dem.

Egypt dey known as di Pharaohs, symbol of civilization and kingship enough reason to believe say na why dem be di kings of Africa as dem don win AFCON record seven times and currently na dia player Mohammed Salah be di BBC and CAF footballer of di year.

Di Warriors of Zimbabwe go test di might wen dem go play di Pharaohs of Egypt for dia first match.

Anoda tin wey dey common for Africa na for kontris to name dia teams after lunar symbols.

Harambee Stars of Kenya - Harambee na Swahili word wey mean "pulling togeda". A nickname wey dey call for di kontri and di team to come togeda to achieve one common goal.

Di Black Stars of Ghana represent di star for di kontri flag, a symbol wey di Ghana Football Association believe say gopromote unity.

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