Who bi Cameroon Alioum Sidi de whistle man for Senegal-Algeria final

Alioum Sidi bin also referee for di 2014 FIFA World Cup qualifiers Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Alioum Sidi bin also referee for di 2014 FIFA World Cup qualifiers

As Senegal and Algeria di play finals for Africa Cup of Nations, AFCON Egypt 2019 today, na Alioum Sidi, Cameroonian, 38 years bi di wear black for blow whistle.

AFCON weh e start for June 21 wit 24 teams go end today, July 19 as Alioum go blow de final whistle for Senegal-Algeria match and for de whole tourney.

African football bodi, CAF referee commission also select Evariste Menkouande and Elvis Guy Noupoue, Cameroonians for assist dis international referee. De number four assistant komot from Gabon.

Who be Sidi?

Alioum weh e go dey for hot seat dis evening na one of de best for Africa, e start blow whistle for FIFA match dem for 2008.

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De air force man blow for AFCON opener, Egypt-Zimbabwe match, den Ivory Coast-Morocco for group stage, Tunisia-Madagascar for quarter finals.

Alioum weh e don gada experience for big competitions laik finals between Ivory Coast and Ghana for 2015 and plenti pipo di wait for see correct refereeing for de final match.

Just now, Alioum don take part for six World Cups, one for South Africa for 2014 for kain by kain category, and also for eight AFCON and confederations cup for Russia for 2018.

Wen fans di watch football deh di also wan see if de referee di blow whistle fain or e di take decision weh e di divide weti pipo di think.

De final match dem di ever hard for seka say all side wan win, so for Senegal- Algeria match, Alioum no get right for make error.

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