Zahra Buhari: ”I no fit speak Hausa well”

Zahra Buhari attend BBC Hausa literary contest event
Image example Zahra Buhari attend BBC Hausa literary contest event

Zahra Buhari, di pikin of Nigeria President, Muhammadu Buhari shock guest For BBC Hausa event wen she tok say she no fit speak her papa language well.

Di event wey happun on Friday na to showcase di winners of one literary contest wey tori pipo for BBC Hausa put together.

For di event, she tok say she and her siblings no dey too use Hausa tok.

"Everyday my papa go correct my hausa wen I dey tok with am", she tok for hausa as she dey laugh.

President Muhammadu Buhari wey be Zahra papa na ogbonge Hausa man wey come from Daura for Katsina State and her mama, Aisha Buhari na Fulani from Adamawa state. She marry businessman Ahmed Indimi for ceremony wey be say na Hausa dem use tok for di ceremony.

She say, she and her family dey tok well-well for "Engausa", di language wey be mix of English and Hausa.

She add say wetin make am no sabi speak her language well na sake of say she go school wey be say na oyinbo pipo full dia.

Tori pipo for Premium Times wey dey di event report am say "She bin tell tori pipo for backstage say most times wen dem dey tok for house na her mama language wey be Fulfude dem dey use."

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