World Education Day: 'E no sweet my belle say I no sabi read A to Z'

World Education Day: Meet 20 year old wey no sabi letter A to Z

January 24 of every year na day wey United Nations set aside as World Education Day to celebrate role wey education dey play for peace and development for di world.

Abba Haladu wey be oga for National Commission for Mass Literacy last week confam say about 60 million Nigerians no sabi to read or write.

Oga Haladu add say Nigeria no go reach wia e suppose reach for development until education for all pipo improve wella.

Aliyu Mohammed na 20 year old wey dey stay Kano northwest Nigeria and e tell BBC say e no dey sweet am for bele say e no sabi any of di English alphabets from A to Z.

BBC Reporter for Kano open book show Aliyu letter A and B but e tok say e no know wetin dem be.

Di man wey dey work as mobile peducurist for di past 3 years say im parents no put am for school but e dey always envy pipo wey sabi book.

"I neva attend any class for my life but i dey envy pipo wey sabi book and i anytime i see pipo dey read i dey wish say na me."

Pipo wey sabi say di solution to pipo like Aliyu problem na to get many mass literacy centres wey go dey teach pipo to read and write.

"No be say i no wan go school but i don reach stage wey be say i have to go find food but if free centres to learn dey i dey ready." Dis na wetin Aliyu yan.

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