Liverpool: How Jurgen Klopp team become di first club to qualify for next season Champions League

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp

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Liverpool win di title for di sixth time for Madrid last May

Di round of 16 matches for Uefa Champions League go start on Tuesday 18 February but defending champions Liverpool don already qualify for next year competition even as dis year own neva finish.

You dey surprised? No worry your head too much, dis na how dem do am.

Chelsea defeat to Manchester United on Monday mean say di Premier League leaders dey sure to finish for top-four position.

Jurgen Klopp team dey use 36 points dey gap Tottenham wey dey fifth with 12 games to go.

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Di worst Liverpool position fit possibly finish dis season na fourth place

But Spurs go play Chelsea dis weekend, e mean say if Jose Mourinho side win all dia remaining games and Liverpool lose all dia own, Chelsea go only fit reach 74 points and therefore finish behind Liverpool.

Liverpool don qualify for di last two Champions League finals and dem go face Atletico Madrid di first leg of their last-16 tie on Tuesday.

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Liverpool now don qualify for European Cup or Champions League on 24 occasions

As e be so Manchester City dey banned from Champions League next season, e mean say whoever finish fifth go take dia place for di competition.

Liverpool fit in theory win their first Premier League title against Bournemouth for March 7. Dat go mean say Liverpool need to win all dia matches wey go mean say Manchester City, and Leicester City in third, slip up.

Na Manchester United hold di record of di earliest Premier League title win, with Sir Alex Ferguson team winning di trophy for 2000-01 on 14 April.