‘Di football photos wey save my life’

Eric Murangwa Eugene

For inside di Rwanda genocide wey happun for 1994, one Tutsi wey di Hutu extremists for don kill bin tell us how im life take save. Di pipo wey wan kill am realise say e bin play for one of di kontri's biggest clubs, and so spare im life.

Im tok say, "One afternoon, soldiers just land for my house come dey throw things up and down. One of di things wey dem throw na photo album wey one of di soldiers see and im face just change when im sabi who I be. Na so for di next ten minutes we just dey gist about football."

Eric be di goalkeeper for di Rwandan national team when dem bin face Sudan for 1994, beat dem 4-0, a month before di genocide for Rwanda start.

And dat na di photo wey catch di soldier's eye. Eric say, "di photo dem really save my life."

Today, Eric Murangwa Eugene dey use football as instrument to dey bring peace for Rwanda ontop di hope to avoid conflict for future.