Shad Gaspard death: How di WWE wrestler take die as im dey try to save im son

Shad Gaspard

Wia dis foto come from, Paul Archuleta

Wetin we call dis foto,

Tori be say di former wrestler tell lifeguards to save im son first

Dem don find di deadi body of former WWE wrestler Shad Gaspard for waterside for Venice Beach for Los Angeles afta im miss wen im dey swim with im son.

Tori be say strong wave carry di 39-year-old with im 10-year-old Aryeh on May 17.

Dem rescue im son but lifeguards no fit save Shad.

"Shad drown inside ocean," na wetin Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson tok, "but im tell di lifeguards to save im son first. Dat na di love of a father."

Im add say Shad na "great guy" e send im "deepest condolences and love to im wife, son and family".

"Dis one pain," na wetin im tok

Shad wife Siliana don thank di authorities wey rescue her son as di search continue for her husband. "Shad na fighter, warrior and magical soul. We dey hope and pray for im safe return."

But by 2.19am on Wednesday, lifeguards respond to reports of one body along di waterside of Venice beach for LA.

Na later wey di coroners confirm say na Shad.

"I join fans around di world as we remember Shad Gaspard beloved performer and caring father," na wetin WWE icon Triple H tweet.

Di 6ft 7 wrestler, wey dem dey call Da Beast featured for Tag team Cryme Tyme with partner JTG.

"No be di kind of end we want to hear," na wetin fellow wrestler Tyrus post. "We fit mourn now and celebrate im life as di hero di father di "beast".

"You be di definition of wetin e mean to be a father, you give your life without thinking to save your son."

Afta im leave WWE ten years ago, Shad Gaspard start im acting career for TV and films and do small roles for different movies including 2015's Get Hard with Kevin Hart and Will Ferrell.

WWE legend Dave Bautista cry as im pay im tribute: Im liked to walk inside di room and commotion - na di kain pesin im be, bigger than life."

Im last appearance for red carpet na di MTV awards: "I feel like say im bin just dey start to breakthrough with films and now im don go and im no go ever get di chance to live out im dreams.

"im journey suppose inspire you and also im final sacrifice."