Somalia: Former Al-Shabab Leader Don Surrender

Al Shabab soldiers Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Former Al Shabab soldiers don dey surrender small, small

Former Al Shabab Deputy Leader and talk-talk person, Mukhtaar Roobow Mansuur, don surrender himself to Somali Federal government and South west administration.

According to tory when dey come from Mogadishu, the plane wey carry Mansuur, him pikin and some government people don land for Mogadishu Adde airport.

This Mansuur surrender na two months after United States remove the $5 million reward wey demsay dem go give anybody wey fit help catch am.

But America don commot im name from the list of people wey dey sponsor terror attack.

Image example People Dey Protest Againts Al-Shabab. 'Ugus', mean genocidal people

For now, e no too dey clear wetin go happen to Mansuur, but people when dey stay for Somalia don begin dey talk concerning this matter.

One Mohamed Edin tell Reuters say, "This one no be good news. The government suppose destroy Mansuur and the militants wey dey fight dem. If not, this kain problem of militant attack go dey happen again and again."

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