Mudslide Don Trap Plenty People for Sierra Leone

Heavy rain been happen overnight
Image example Heavy rain been happen overnight

E fit reach like hundreds of people wey don die and plenty others trap inside dem house for Sierra Leone capital, Freetown, because of the mudslide happen wey happen for around Regent area.

The wahala happen after the rain wey fall non-stop all night carry mud from on top hill come rush down, cover plenty houses for the area.

Sierra Leone Vice President, Victor Bockarie Foh, say the thing pain am no be small and dem still dey comot dozens of bodies from the place where the mudslide happen.

Other officials don talk say e dey too soon to know how many people truly die.

People wey talk to BBC reporter, Umaru Fofana, share dia mind as to how the thing affect them.

One woman talk say she don lose eleven family members and another person talk say him wife, mother-in-law and all him pikin die for inside the mudslide.

Fofana even put photo for Twitter to show people how the matter take serious.

Some people don dey enter social media share picture of how the flood dey affect dem.

No be today wey flooding dey happen for Sierra Leone. For 2015, Freetown suffer one serious flood after rain fall everyday. Ten people die that time and thousands lose dia house.

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