DR Congo say 'No Bring Tilapia'

Sanitary reason na make government ban am Image copyright AFP
Image example The government say the ban na because one virus dey world wey fit make people sick if dem eat Tilapia

Democratic Republic of the Congo, don say make people stop to dey sell or carry Tilapia fish inside the country.

The government say this ban na because of Health reasons, as Tilapia fish dey carry one kind virus when fit dangerous to person body.

People for the capital city of Kinshasa don begin complain about this new decision, as Tilapia na wetin dem like well-well and e dey cheap to buy.

BBC tory person Poly Muzalia when waka enter markets for Kinshasa, say as government don decide to monitor the borders and markets, e dey hard to see Tilapia fish to buy.

For Gambela Market, Hygiene Department Officers dey go from store to store to make sure say nobody carry the fish come the country or sell am for the area.

Image copyright TED ALJIBE
Image example Tilapia na popular food for other countries outside Africa, like the Island of Midanao, Phillipines

Wetin traders and buyers feel?

Annie, tell BBC say she dey try to finish all the Tilapia wey dey her hand, even as though ban dey.

"We don already buy plenty fish before government decide this one. I no go fit troway all my market; this fish when you dey see for here, na my only business. So I no get any choice. If dey want stop me, make dem do am. I need to sell my Tilapias and get my money back."

Another woman wey dey like to chop Tilapia fish say: "I no dey happy; we go miss this fish well-well. Chicken don cost; na fish plenty people dey buy because e dey cheap. But with this ban, this fish when dey cheap before, no go too dey market again. How we go do now?"

DR Congo say dem dey try to stop any risk, when fit happen if person chop Tilapia; most of the fish wey dey inside the country, dem dey bring am from foreign countries - this one na im dem dey call importation.

Meanwhile, na since May na im Food and Agriculture Organization bring out alert about Tilapia Lake Virus, when fit kill person; this virus dey affect only Tilapia fish, when be one of the most important fish when people dey chop for the world.