How Kenya get first lawmaker from Somalia

Sofia Abdi Noor
Image example Sofia Abdi Noor don dey do NGO work for more than 20 years

Kenya general election still dey get small tension for Presidential level but some people don dey make history; Sophia Abdi Noor don become the first Somali woman from North Eastern Province when win election to serve inside Kenya parliament. She go represent the Ijara Constituency.

Before the election, Mrs Noor be member wen dem choose for parliament since 2008, but this na the first time when she run election on her own, win the post with votes from the people.

Mrs Noor talk say na the better track record when she get, na im make her win everybody. She say the thing wey prepare her well for politics na say she dey run non-governmental organisation wey dey help poor people with education, health and job matter for women and youths.

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