South Africa: Mugabe Wife Don claim Diplomatic Immunity

Grace Mugabe Image copyright Getty Images
Image example The Zimbabwean First Lady na the second wife of President Robert Mugabe

South Africa police say Zimbabwe First Lady Grace Mugabe don claim diplomatic immunity, wey fit mean say na special way dem go handle the accusations say Mrs Mugabe beat one woman, wound dat one well-well. This na wetin dem dey call assault charges.

Na for statement wey enter BBC hand na im South Africa Police Services say the government of Zimbabwe don tell dem say Mrs Mugabe na diplomat. As Mrs Mugabe na President Robert Mugabe wife, and she bin dey visit her two sons wey dey live for South Africa, e fit be say her diplomatic immunity no go protect her.

Diplomatic immunity na the legal cover wey senior government officials and their families dey get when dem travel go another country, so that nobody no go fit arrest dem.

BBC News Pidgin no fit confirm whether Mrs Mugabe travel go South Africa with diplomatic passport or not. the Government of Zimbabwe has dispatched a diplomatic

Dem still confirm say Mrs Mugabe dey inside South Africa, as "she never depart the Republic," and she fit even attend the SADC Heads of States/Governments Summit and Bi-lateral Diplomatic Meetings wey don dey hold for Pretoria.

Na supermodel Gabriella Engels say Mrs Mugabe almost break her head with electric extension cable, because she dey inside hotel room with the First Lady two sons for Sandton, Johannesburg.

Mrs Mugabe never open mouth since Tuesday wey the tori break, to answer whether true-true she beat Miss Engels.

Image copyright Gabriella Engels
Image example Miss Engels say she and her friend been dey wait for separate room for inside hotel, when Mrs Mugabe come begin break her head

'Total disgrace'

Zimbabwe main opposition party wey be the Movement for Democratic Change don talk for statement say Mrs Mugabe na "total disgrace and she be complete national embarrassment."

Dem say Mrs Mugabe suppose face the law, so that she go know say she no big pass everybody.

So far, Miss Engels never talk too much; the 20-year-old just post picture of her face wey wound, for Internet.

The main tori for ground be say police no officially charge Madam Grace, although government lawyers come out, talk say the matter don advance well-well.

Meanwhile, Zimbabwe media be say the alleged assault happen when Mrs Mugabe bin enter South Africa to treat her ankle, after she injure for road accident last month.

Nobody know wetin be the real cause of the beating, and Mrs Mugabe never still open mouth for outside, talk her own side.

Plenty people for social media dey talk say if she dey guilty, Mrs Mugabe must to face the music; others say she don run reach her country, on Tuesday.

As e be so, her husband party wey dey power, the Zimbabwe African National Union-Patriotic Front, don enter Twitter, say some people attack Mrs. Mugabe, but she dey "safe and fine."

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