5 Ways You Fit Get President Trump to Sack you

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Image example After plenty complain, President Trump don release statement on top White supremacy rally.

E get one saying wey people dey talk wey be, "the more wey you dey go higher for life, the less friends you go get."

E be like say United States President, Donald Trump, don begin dey experience this kain thing.

No be everybody dey gree with the way Trump dey do things. E get some people wey don even talk their mind and wetin dem get in return? Sack letter!

Other people dey wey be say na resignation letter dem drop, say dem no wan follow Trump work again.

You dey reason how to chop sack letter from President Trump or you wan waka comot for President Trump job? This na some ways you fit do am sharp, sharp:

1.Follow Russia Ambassador Gist

Siddon gist with Russia Ambassador, Sergei Kislyak. Tell am say you go commot the sanction wey US put for Russia. If dem ask you, say you no follow anybody talk anything. Na sack letter you go collect sharp, sharp.

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Image example Trump sack former National Security Adviser, Michael Flynn, after im lie say him no follow Russia Ambassador talk.

2.Tell reporter say your oga na 'craze person'

Call reporter for phone, tell am say your oga na "craze person." Tell everybody say you go fire them. Begin fight with your fellow White House staff. In fact, you fit no last 10 days before Trump go sack you.

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Image example Anthony Scaramucci work for White House as the oga for Communications.

3.No understand why your oga no understand the mata

Siddon there dey look as your oga dey dodge to talk the mata wey concern black people like you. Siddon there dey wait make your oga condemn people wey dey talk bad about other type of people. You fit resign if you no like wetin you dey siddon look.

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Image example Merck CEO, Kenneth Frazier, say him no go fit continue for Trump's Manufacturing Council after wetin happen for Charlottesville

4.You wan 'Repeat after me'

You see say something wey no good dey happen for Charlottesville but your President no talk wetin him suppose talk, just quietly repeat after another person and drop resignation letter for Trump table.

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Image example "We suppose dey hail those people wey dey fight for equality" - Brian Krzanich, Intel oga.

5.You think say sports beta pass politics

As person wey like sports business well-well, e fit happen say you no like all the plenty problem wey dey follow politics. No wahala, just follow your fellow ogas Brian Krzanich and Kenneth Frazier, tell President Trump say you no follow again for him manufacturing council.

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Image example Kevin Plank na the overall oga of Under Armour wey be sports company.

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