Boko Haram: Nigeria Female Suicide Bombers don kill 27

Boko Haram, Suicide bomber Image copyright Getty
Image example Boko Haram dey behind many attacks, like one for the Cameroon city of Mora, wey dey the border with Nigeria

Boko Haram don use three female suicide bombers take kill 27 people, come injure another 83 for Borno State, wey dey for north-east Nigeria.

The three women blow demself scatter for front of one refugee camp inside Maiduguri on Tuesday.

Person wey take im eye see wetin happen tell tori people say na one female first open her bomb, and as people dey run, the other two girls do their own. This one come make more people die, and plenty others to wound well-well.

Authorities say violence don dey rise for the area, and suicide bombing matter na something dem still dey fight.

This bombing dey happen as Nigeria military chiefs don relocate since 1 August to Maiduguri, the same city where terrorist group, Boko Haram, dey based. Army spokesman bin tell BBC that time say dem move enter the city after Boko Haram kill pass 50 people for one week, including lecturers wey dey work for the University of Maiduguri.

Image example Yagana Bukar and her family get two other small brothers wey dey among 300 children wey Boko Haram kidnap from Damasak, north-eastern Nigeria nearly three years ago.

Dem wan turn women, children to weapon

With this latest bombing, Boko Haram still dey make bad history as the only terrorist group for the whole world wey like to use women pass for their attacks.

According to a report from the US Military Academy for Westpoint, New York, out of 434 bombers wey Boko Haram don use since April 2011 for Nigeria, Niger, Cameroon and Chad, na women and girls be more than half of dem. At least 81 bombers na even pickin or teenagers.

For this year alone, e pass 80 women and girls wey the terrorist group don use take carry bombs wey don kill innocent people.

This use of women as suicide bombers na wetin experts don begin notice after 2014, when Boko Haram kidnap more than 200 schoolgirls from Chibok, Borno State, for Nigeria

Dem say part of the reason wey make Boko Haram dey use girls na because nobody go quick suspect a woman or girl, especially when dem attack inside market, mosque or refugee camp.

The way dem see am, Boko Haram na im don dey turn children into suicide bombers, especially girls, as if na normal thing.

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