Sudanese Refugees don pass one million for Uganda

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Image example Refugees wey dey run commot South Sudan na mainly women and children

Na more than one million South Sudan refugees dey inside Uganda now. This number don turn Uganda to the number three country for world wey get the largest number of refugees.

United Nations Refugee Agency say all these people don dey run enter Uganda since 2013, because of war wey start for South Sudan, and the hunger wey still dey worry many people.

E reach 85% of these South Sudan refugees wey be women and pickin.

Muhumed Hussein, the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) Country Director for Uganda tell BBC say this situation no go change, so long as peace no dey South Sudan.

"Families dey run, to escape living hell wey dem dey face for South Sudan. The tori wey dem dey tell us when dem run come Uganda dey terrible," Hussein tell BBC.

Even though many villages and towns for South Sudan dey empty, those wey don run to safety talk say many old people, small children and those wey sick don hook inside the war, and dem nor fit leave the country.

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Image example South Sudanese soldiers like these ones dey among those wey dey fight, as civil unrest dey force people to run from the country

'We too plenty here'

One fourteen-year-old girl wey be Tabu Sunday tell BBC say too many people don dey her school because of the refugee matter; right now na 200 students dey one class.

"We too plenty here inside school. When the teacher dey teach, other people dey make noise, and we no dey understand wetin dem dey teach. Me I want become doctor, so dat when person sick, or woman need to born pickin, I go fit help," Sunday tell BBC.

For some of the Uganda districts wey share border with South Sudan, na refugee plenty pass even Ugandans sef.

All this one dey cause small tension, na wetin Godfrey Byaruhanga, the Commandant for Palorinya Refugee Camp tell BBC.

"If you enter health centre where medical worker suppose look after ten people for one day, now dem fit dey take care of 20-30 people. Where person suppose come, pick im water for one minute; now you go reach tap, begin see 20 jerry cans for line. Na dis kind pressure I dey talk about,"Byaruhanga talk.

United Nations, UN, say dem don dey beg for $674mn to handle this matter, but na only 20% of the money dem get for hand. Dem say e go better if the palava and war for South Sudan end soon, because the country neighbours wey be Ethiopia, Kenya, the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Central African Republic and Uganda dey really struggle to cope.

The UN don dey ask for $700 million to take care of South Sudanese refugees in Uganda. But dem say na only 20 per cent of that money dem don get.

As plenty people dey suffer, the whole world dey call for peace inside Sudan. But the two persons wey dey lead the fight for South Sudan's civil war; President Salva Kiir and his former deputy, Riek Machar, no dey even see face to face for one year now.

Uganda dey try well well for refugees as e dey provide dem with some kind settlement arrangement.

E dey give dem small plots of land for where dem go fit plant food crops like corn and beans.

Humanitarian groups too dey try provide food for dem. But as plenty South Sudanese dey enter Uganda everyday, e no easy to cope. Sometimes food no dey dey enough.

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