Kenya Election Violence: US dey 'deeply worried' about kill-kill

Kisumu clash between supporters and police Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Supporters of Kenya opposition coalition dey run during clash with security for Kisumu

US don 'welcome' the decision of Kenya opposition party to go Supreme Court go challenge the result of the August 8 presidential election.

US Ambassador to Kenya wey be Robert F. Godec say im country dey 'deeply' worried with the tori of people wey die and injure after the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission announce the result of the election for August 11.

"We advise security services make dem no use too much force and make dem protect lives and property," na im Mr Godec add put.

This word from US dey land after reports come out about di shoot-shoot when police do, and people dey complain about the way people take lose their life over the vote wey produce President Uhuru Kenyatta as winner.

BBC tori person, Emmanuel Igunza, don dey waka inside Kenya; im say many people dey vex, especially about the way one six-month-old pickin wey be Samantha, die during shooting for Kisumu.

Her Papa wey be Joseph Abinja, say imself and wife plus Samantha dey for house, when police first troway tear gas enter inside their house. After that, Abinja said police come enter inside their house, begin beat people and also hit the pickin for head.

Abinja say na after all dis one im pickin enter coma, come die four days later.

Human rights groups says plenty people die and hundred injure for areas wey dey loyal to opposition leader, Raila Odinga.

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Image example Since when dem dey count the vote, anti-riot police bin don dey street, dey face protesters

The Kenya National Commission on Human Rights na im first raise alarm, say na 24 people police shoot die during protests; most of dem na from Nairobi.

Police sef don say dem no use force on top peaceful protesters; dem say people wey dem shoot at na criminals and looters wey wan use chance thief people property.

Meanwhile, Kenya opposition coalition wey be National Super Alliance (NASA) don talk say dem go challenge the election result for court.

Odinga, the candidate wey lose, say NASA go expose President Kenyatta; e describe Kenyatta as a leader wey computer elect and no be people vote for am.

'I hear gunshots'

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Kenya Election Violence: 'I Dey Cry For My Pickin'

Mr Abinja cry as BBC dey talk with am, say im want justice for im daughter.

David Okoth Maina na another person wey tell BBC how im survive.

"The police dey chase people…police dey left and people dey the right hand side. I cross road and before I even reach the middle, I hear gunshots. Na there I notice say the bullet touch me for the side of my head. Dem drag me go gutter, leave me there. Later on the policemen wey dey pursue us come take me go hospital."

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