Nigerians spend $4.6bn on top bribe every year

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Image example Every adult for Nigeria dey pay at least one bribe per day

You be Nigerian? You dey live for the country? You don give or collect bribe before?

Well, a new report by di National Bureau of Statistics, NBS don talk say the answer to dis questions na yes for one out of every three Nigerians.

The report don show say Nigerians dey spend $4.6 billion on top bribe every year.

The report show say most of the bribe dey enter the hand of public officials like police and court judges.

The NBS report also say people dey pay bribe reach at least six times a year or one bribe every two months.

Who dey collect bribe pass?

  • Police - 46.4%
  • Government lawyers - 33%
  • Judges & magistrates - 31.5%
  • Car registration/driving licence officers - 28.5%
  • Tax and custom officers - 27.3%
  • Road traffic management officials - 25.5%
  • Public utilities officers - 22.4%
  • Land registry officers - 20.9%
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Image example Bribe dey happen for different sectors

The 3 things wey Nigerians think say dey worry the country pass

NBS say no be for only among public officials wey bribery dey, even for private sector people dey give and collect bribe. The report also talk say this kain situation be one of the three main things wey dey vex Nigerians pass.

  • High cost of living
  • Unemployment
  • Corruption

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