Spain Attacks: Victims come from 11 countries

Spain Police stop terror attack
Image example Spain dey on top high alert after the attacks; authorities dey put plenty eye on top security matter

Tori don dey come out about why terrorists decide to attack Las Ramblas, Barcelona for Spain.

Na 13 people die and dozens more na im injure, when van drive enter crowd for the area, on Thursday afternoon. The person wey dey drive the van run, and dem never still find am to arrest.

Catalan government don identify some of di countries wey their citizens dey affected.

Among those wey die, some come from countries like Netherlands, Australia, Belgium, France and Greece. Others na from Hong Kong, Philippines, Peru, China, Denmark and Italy.

So far, dem never talk say any of the victims come from Africa countries.

Why use of motor for attacks increase

Spain Prime Minister wey be Mariano Rajoy say dis na "jihadist attack." Di whole of Spain go observe one-minute silence for the Barcelona victims today.area wey dis attack happen na place wey people from more than 20 different countries dey like visit.

Dis idea of using motor as weapon to attack people wey dey waka for road no be new one. More terrorists don dey use vehicle as weapon to attack innocent people wey dey waka their own for road; this trend don dey come Europe because of bad word wey militant leaders dey tell their members.

BBC tori person Frank Gardner sat=y: "Palestinian and Al-Qaida militants dey use this method of attack, since. Di way wey dem dey use motor kill people now for Europe na mainly because of late Islamic State (IS) propagandist, Abu Mohammed Al-Adnani. Im say make IS followers forget all di long preparations and wahala to carry out attacks. In fact Mr Al-Adnani mention say make dem dey use motor.@

Mr Gardner still say as as this one dey happen, governments for world must begin try to predict where these attacks fit happen.

Wetin we know so far

Spanish police don kill five people inside di town of Cambrils, to stop another van attack wey for kill innocent people, just like the one wey happen earlier, for Barcelona.

The attackers dey wear bomb as belt, and di thing for explode, na wetin police talk.

Authorities say di attacks for Barcelona and Cambrils follow join explosion wey happen inside one house for Wednesday evening for the town of Alcanar; here, na one person die.

Earlier, Police chief Josep Lluis Trapero say e be like di people wey dey stay di house for Alcanar bin dey prepare "explosive device."

Na two people dem don arrest wey dey connected with this matter - dem born one for Morocco and di other one dem born am for Spanish area wey be Melilla, north Africa.

Police bin release picture of the man wey dem claim say rent the van wey kill people. But local media don report since say the man - wey dem call Driss Oukabir - take im leg waka go meet police, and e tell dem say person wey im no know steal im paper for the motor, come use am commit the crime.

Police chief Josep LluĂ­s Trapero say none of the men wey dem arrest, be the driver, while Spain national public broadcaster wey be RTVE still report say the motor wey dem use for the attack, the attackers bin rent am inside the city.

The Islamic State (IS) militant group don release statement say the person wey do the attack na one of their "soldiers."

But dem never show any evidence wey prove say really, na IS dey behind these deadly attacks.

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