Sierra Leone Mudslide: People don begin vex

Mass burial for Sierra Leone Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Sierra Leoneans gather dey look as burial for hundreds of people wey die, dey go on for Paloko cemetery

Sierra Leoneans don dey come out to say dem dey vex well-well. Dem say na di way their government no take better action for Urban planning and Deforestation, na im cause flood and mudslide wey don kill more than 400 people, near Freetown.

E reach up to six hundred people wey still dey miss, and at least 2,000 residents na im no get house to stay again. BBC tori people gather say some of these homeless people no get choice; dem don begin dey stay for the houses wey the flood damage remain, like dat.

Report for ground be say for some people na hunger be di number one problem right now. Food no dey for people to chop, and e dey hard for them to get clean water to drink.

Image example Na hundreds of graves dem dig to bury the victims for Waterloo area wey dey about 30km from Freetown

Di government don continue to do mass burial of about three hundred people; dem first dig fresh graves, then come do memorial service for the burial site, wey dey the nearby city of Waterloo.

Na after Christian and Muslims prayers dem begin put the simple wooden coffins wey contain the dead bodis dem inside ground.

Some of those wey die, their family member don fit identify dem but many dey without name, and their bodi don rotten reach stage wey nobody know who dem be.

BBC tori person, Martin Patience, say the same cemetery wey dem use for the funeral, na im dem take bury people wey die during the Ebola outbreak.

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Image example The burial team members wey handle the dead-bodis dem plenty well-well

President Ernest Bai Koroma show face for the event, together with other big-big people for Sierra Leone.

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