Rwanda: President Kagame third term don start

Kagame Image copyright AFP
Image example Paul Kagame don dey as President for almost 20 years

Different African Presidents show for Rwanda, for di swearing-in of President Paul Kagame today, for the capital of Kigali.

Nigeria don confirm say Acting President Yemi Osinbajo, dey inside Rwanda, along with Kenya President Uhuru Kenyatta. Others wey be Head of States for East African countries suppose don dey the Amahoro Stadium, where the event begin since 10am local time.

Na for August 5 na im Kagame win election wey give am 98.63% of all di votes wey people press hand do.

Some people say as Mr Kagame don dey power for 17 years, im for step down, allow others lead di country.

But im supporters say na di President don bring peace and economic development to Rwanda since after di 1994 genocide, where people die because of war and fight-fight.

President Kagame don talk say "This na another seven years to take care of things wey dey affect Rwandans, and to make sure say we turn to real Rwandans wey dey develop (economically)."

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