Africa gallery: August 11-17

Selection of the best photo wey come from all over Africa and of African people wey dey other places for the world.

One of the 51 best Ivorian students of the school year 2016-2017, seated in the place of Ivorian vice president, Daniel Kablan Duncan, during the first visit to the Cabinet room at the presidential palace in Abidjan. Image copyright AFP
Image example Students wey sabi book well-well for Ivory Coast na im dem invite go Presidential palace inside the capital, Abidjan; including this girl wey siddon for the Vice-President desk on Friday. She dey among 51 of the school children wey dem honour because of the top grade dem get for the end-of-year exams.
Tunisian women wearing traditional veils called "Sefseri" during the celebrations of the National Women"s Day and the 61th anniversary of the Personality Status Code in Tunis, Tunisia on 13 July 2017 Image copyright EPA
Image example For Tunisia capital, Tunis, these women wey wear traditional veil wey dem dey call Sefseri, come pose make camera snap them, during the National Women day celebration on 13 July 2017
An undated handout photo made available by Egyptian Ministry of antiquities shows a sarcophagus that was discovered in ancient tombs in Minya governorate, Egypt (issued 15 August 2017). According to the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities, an excavation mission working at Al-Kamin Al-Sahrawi area of Minya governorate discovered three Ptolemaic tombs and unearthed a collection of sarcophagi of different shapes and sizes as well as clay fragments that date the tombs between the 27th Dynasty and the Greaco-Roman era. Image copyright EPA
Image example The ministry wey dey handle antiquities (old history) for Egypt bring out new pictures on Tuesday of things wey dem find out recently, including this stone coffin (sarcophagus) wey dem see for the Minya Governate close to river Nile. People wey their work na to dig old things wey get historic value out (Archaeologist) believe say this grave don dey for many-many years, like between the 27th Egyptian Dynasty and the Greco-Roman time.
World Athletics Championships - Men"s 4x400 Metres Relay - London Stadium, London, Britain – August 12, 2017. Karabo Sibanda and Nijel Amos of Botswana drop the baton. Image copyright Reuters
Image example Di Botswana 4x400m men's relay team heart cut small, when the baton fall comot their hand for di world Athletics Championship heats when dem do for London on Saturday. Dis mistake make dem no reach final, as dem end up for number seven position.

On Friday, those wey support the party wey dey rule for Kenya (Jubilee Party), don already dey jolly, as dem dey hope say na President Uhuru Kenyatta go still win the election. Kenyatta later win with 54% of the votes, while the person wey contest with am - Raila Odinga - get 45%.

Kenya's opposition leader, Raila Odinga, arrives in the Mathare district of Nairobi on August 13, 2017. Kenya's defeated opposition leader, Raila Odinga on August 13 urged his supporters to boycott work, promising to announce on August 15 his strategy after an election he claims was stolen from him Image copyright AFP
Image example Two days later, Raila Odinga, wey no gree say im lose, carry waka go the streets of Mathare when dey inside Nairobi, the capital; this place na where di opposition supporters plenty well-well. Mr Odinga come later announce on August 15 say e go challenge the election result for court.
Eva Msando, widow of Chris Msando at Requiem Mass in Nairobi on 17 August 2017. Image copyright Roderick MaCleod/BBC
Image example Di wife of Chris Msando, one Kenya election official wey dem kill, attend burial Mass on Thursday take honour her husband, with their youngest son by her side. Investigation still dey go on for di death of Mr Msando wey dey in charge of Kenya computer voting system; dem kill am just two days before di general election.
Gabriella Engels, who claims to have been assaulted by Grace Mugabe, looks on during a news conference in Pretoria, South Africa, August 17, 2017. Image copyright Reuters
Image example Gabriella Engels, di woman wey dey accuse Zimbabwe First Lady, Grace Mugabe, say she beat her, waka talk to tory people on Thursday for Pretoria, South Africa. She tell BBC say she think Mrs Mugabe go kill her.
Workers dey dig graves at Paloko cemetery in Waterloo, Sierra Leone August 17, 2017. Image copyright Reuters
Image example Mass burial begin for di 400 people when dem say die for the mudslide and flooding wey still destroy houses, for Sierra Leone capital, Freetown on Thursday. Na like 600 people na im still dey miss since dis disaster happen on Monday, and about 3,000 people no get house to stay again. Wetin happen for Sierra Leone, dey describe am as 'Humanitarian emergency.'
A mother who lost her son during the mudslide reacts near the entrance of Connaught Hospital in Freetown, Sierra Leone August 16, 2017. Image copyright Reuters
Image example This mama wey dey cry so, lost her pickin for di mudslide disaster wey happen for Sierra Leone; she dey wait outside the University Hospital for Freetown the day before to identify her pickin dead bodi.
A child looks at UN peacekeepers during a visit of the UN high commissioner for refugees at the Al-Nimir camp in the Sudanese state of East Darfur for an on-the-ground assessment of the situation of South Sudanese refugees living in Sudan, on August 15, 2017. More than 5,000 South Sudanese refugees live in Al-Nimir camp where they arrived after fleeing war and famine in their country. Image copyright AFP
Image example Small pickin just dey look UN peacekeepers during the time when UN commissioner for refugees go visit Al-Nimir camp, wey dey for Sudan. This place na home to more than 5,000 South Sudan refugees. Most of dem wey dey run from the violence when dey happen for their country travel go Uganda, wey don welcome one million refugees from South Sudan so far.

Images na from AFP, EPA, Getty Images and Reuters

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