Police say two people don die for Finland stabbing

Map of Turku, city in Finland

Police for Finland say two people don die and six others dey for hospital dey receive treatment after knife attack.

Di attack happen for the city of Turkur. Police say na only one suspect dey so far, and e no dey clear if e dey related to terrorism.

Police say dem don shoot the man for leg, come arrest am.

The police don warn people make dem avoid the city centre.

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Image example Police say make people no come the area

Dem say e happen for Puutori-Market Square area. One picture show person dey ground as dem don cover the body.

Dem never release official statement to confirm the people wey di thing affect.

Dis one dey happen one day after one man drive van wey kill people for Barcelona. Na 13 people don die and plenty, plenty more dey injured for that attack wey happen for Las Ramblas, Barcelona wey bi area wey tourists dey visit.

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