S Africa: 'I don tire to eat human being'

South Africa
Image example Dis na the area where police dey investigate the case

Four men dey court for South Africa dey face charges say dem dey involve in cannibalism.

Cannibalism na when person leave meat, fish and other things, begin dey eat human being.

Dis one happen because one of the men wey be Nino Mbatha, waka enter police station, say im don tire to dey eat human flesh.

When police question am, Mr Mbatha show them human leg and hand.

Na so Police come follow am go house, where dem come see many other human body parts.

Those wey show for court na four men; two of them be traditional healers, and the charges wey dem dey face include murder and conspiracy to murder.

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Image example The house wey South Africa Police for see parts of human body

Cannibalism no be crime for South Africa.

One police spokesperson tell BBC say the four young men, wey their age na from 22 to 32, fit be part of big group of criminals.

Investigation still dey go on and police don say make people wey dia relatives don lost for the Estcourt area, come report to dem quick-quick.

Last month for Durban, wey be biggest city for that region, dem arrest one man wey dey carry human head for inside bag. Tori be say e be like say im wan sell am to traditional healers dem.