Angola: President dos Santos go step down

President Jose Eduardo dos Santos of Angola dey wave
Image example President Jose Eduardo dos Silva help the country recover after war end for 2002

Angola people go vote for new president today for parliamentary election.

But many people wey put eye for di matter feel say even though President Jose Eduardo dos Santos dey comot from power, e go still find way to control things.

President Eduardo dos Santos wey bi 74 years old, don rule for 38 years in total.

How dia election dey work?

  • All Angola citizen wey don pass age 18 get right to vote. And anyone wey wan vote must first register
  • Voters no dey directly choose President. Instead, na the leader of the party wey get majority for parliament go become Head of State
  • Di method of voting for president directly dey dia 1992 constitution. But dem change am for the new 2002 constitution
  • Lawmakers dey get 5 years inside office
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Image example Kwanza wey be the Angola currency dey fall

For di streets of Angola, one of di main issues wey people get na di economy. Oil price wey crash for 2015 mean say foreign currency like US Dollars no dey flow enter di country like before.

Many people don dey face di kind hardship wey dem never face for long time because money no reach to buy wetin e fit buy before.

Angola be like Nigeria

Angola and Nigeria bi countries wey dey export crude oil but most of dia citizens no dey see the benefits of the resources.

Many sabi people don say for di two countries, na only very few people dey hold money wey suppose dey for everybody.

  • Over 90% of Angola and Nigeria money dey come from crude oil
  • As di price of crude oil wey go down for 2014, high inflation affect di two economies dem
  • For end of 2013, research show say Nigeria, Angola and Namibia get fastest growing economies for Africa
  • Both countries get economies wey depend plenty-plenty, on top importation

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