Solar Eclipse 2017: Americans look sky with wonder

Partial eclipse, West Africa, 21 August Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Most times na for oceans eclipse dey happen, so people no dey see am; dis one happen for Tanzania, for 2016

Na the first time wey US go witness im first coast-to-coast solar eclipse for 100 years.

From Oregon for west, go South Carolina for east of the country, the moon cause darkness as im pass in front of the Sun.

Dis na wetin be solar eclipse.

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Image example People make special glasses to take look di sky

Millions of people enter the path of the darkness, dem wear their special eclipse glasses to look the wonder wey happen for the sky.

Na the first total solar eclipse wey 48 States for America see in 38 years and the first eclipse since 1918 wey go happen from the East to the West coast.

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Image example The first family of America also follow people look

Some West African countries suppose join US and parts of Europe take eye see partial solar eclipse. Solar eclipse dey happen when di moon cover the sun for short period of time.

When e happen like this, shadow go cover Earth.

Since West Africa own na partial eclipse, e no go too dark, like other parts of the world, wey go experience full eclipse.

Also, during eclipse, the temperature go cool, and stars plus other planets go show for middle of day time.

Countries for Africa wey dem say go enjoy dis work of nature na Senegal, Guinea, Guinea Bissau, Mali, Gambia , Mauritania and Mali.

Senegal and Mauritania suppose get di partial eclipse well-well, while very small part of Mali for feel am small.

Image example Every 18 months during new moon,di sun, moon and earth dey jam for one point to cause solar eclipse.

Di best way to see eclipse

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Check here to see how to make something wey fit help you look di eclipse

Sun ray dey always dey very powerful when eclipse happen. For dis reason, e no good to take eye look direct to di sun at all, because e fit even cause blindness.

Scientist say e dey important make people protect di eye, when you dey look eclipse.

To avoid eye damage, use special glasses for eclipse. Di glass dey block 99.9% of di sunlight.

You also fit use wetin oyibo dey call binoculars but no be just any type of binoculars.

You fit still construct your own binoculars with cardboard paper, old news paper, scissors pin, cello tape, aluminium foil and glue.

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